How to create a custom email with your hosting provider for free!

How to create a custom email with your hosting provider for free!

So this may surprise most people, but having a custom email with your hosting provider is not only easy but comes at no extra charge. Starting a business isn’t easy, and there is a price tag that comes at every turn; if there is a free and easy option for something you need for your business, why not! 

One of the essential needs for a brand to position itself professionally is to have your domain email. A traditional email may show you as an amateur, and sometimes you may be sent to the spam folder of potential clients or business associates you reach out to, which isn’t what you want. The message you want to send out is how professional and well-rounded your business is, and that starts from the primary step of your form of communication, specifically your email. Emails are vital in establishing yourself as a brand to be remembered. So why not drop the traditional route and go for a more polished one?

You may have come across businesses with a domain email like or, and it sounds so cool and gives you the feeling that you could trust that business. You could have that for your brand. And a significant pro is to have as many as possible, starting from or support 

In a quick online search, you will see email providers offering this service at a charge. If you are a non-techy person, it can be a hassle to point the right root domain to the email providers’ servers and get everything working smoothly. If you are trying to cut your business expenses and want a cheaper alternative, I have a solution for you!

Let me guide you on creating a custom email address with your hosting provider for free. For tutorial purposes, I will use the Siteground hosting platform to show you how to achieve this.

#1 login to your Siteground hosting dashboard, choose the website option and then navigate to site tools.

#2 On the left-hand side of your dashboard, scroll to email and choose the account from the list of options provided.

#3 Now, from there, you will see a section labeled account name. Input the name you are going for. Let’s say Type that in the name section and then create a password for it. the create button, and you are done you have a new email account with your domain name.

To login to the email account, click the three dots next to the email account you created and then choose the login to webmail. This action will open the webmail in a new tab, and you can receive and send emails here with your custom domain.

I hope you found this helpful.

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